On-Campus Housing

On-campus Housing consists of both Single Student and Family Student Housing living units. Our residence halls are more than just places to sleep, study or store one's things -- they are communities replete with opportunities for residents to make friends and expand horizons. When selecting a residence hall, we encourage students to consider factors such as: living-learning communities, location on campus, affordability, and services available to students.

Single Student Housing

Abby Apartments

Apartment Style Units — 495 South 900 East

Chancellor Apartments

Apartment Style Units (upperclassmen) — 11 South 800 East

Nisson Towers

Traditional Sleep/Study Units — 974 East 100 South

Shiloh Hall

Traditional Sleep/Study Units (men only) — 974 East 100 South

Family Student Housing

Dixie View Apartments

Three Bedroom / One-and-a-half Bath — 68 South 800 East

Morgan Apartments

Two Bedroom / One Bath — 660 South 800 East