Information for Parents

Housing and Resident Life at Dixie State University welcomes you to on-campus housing. College can be an exciting time for students and their families. As students grow and develop and prepare themselves for their futures, it can also be a time filled with challenges and changing roles.

Housing and Resident Life seeks to develop a partnership with parents as we guide students toward responsibility, involvement, leadership, and academic success. In this section we provide tools, information, and resources that you might find helpful in your experience as you support your student through his or her college experience.

Safety and Security

DSU Housing is committed to your student’s safety and security. We have a team of live-in students and managers along with Campus Police that work to monitor suspicious behavior, report problems, and promote safety and security by educating our residents. More information about DSU Housing and Resident Life’s approach to Safety and Security, click here. More information about Dixie State University’s overall crime statistics can be found here.


FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a Federal regulation that states that Dixie State University may not release certain types of student information to anyone except that student without the student's express written consent. If your student grants us permission to discuss this information with you, we are happy to share what we know. A signed release with Housing and Resident Life is specific to our department. Any other waiver a student may have signed on campus is valid only in the department in which it was signed.

Student Billing Information

All Housing charges will be placed on the student’s DSU account. The account balance can be accessed at any time online by visiting the Student Services Online here. Payments can be made online through this website, or in person at the DSU Cashier’s office located on the second floor of the Whitehead Student Services Center. Rent for Single Student Housing is due on the first day of the semester; for Family Student Housing it is due on the first of each month.

Student Success

Our staff is committed to promoting an environment where students are more closely connected with the campus through activities that promote responsibility, involvement, leadership, and academic success. As students grow and develop the skills required to succeed during their time in on-campus housing, they develop the skills that they will need to succeed in college and life afterward. To learn more about the Student Success Initiative, click here.

What to Bring

Suggested Items to bring with you:

  • Twin size mattress sheets and bedding (Extra Long Twin in Shiloh)
  • Cloth Mattress Cover
  • Pillows
  • Personal towel
  • Cleaning supplies (bathroom and bedroom)
  • Hangers
  • Shower curtain

Optional items that are useful:

  • TV (Cable is included with rent)
  • Microwave
  • Computer (Internet is provided in rooms)
  • Bed risers (Nisson non-remodeled and Chancellor only)
  • Small refrigerator (in Nisson Towers)

Resident Life staff will provide access to:

  • Mops
  • Buckets
  • Brooms
  • Vacuums
  • Big screen TV in lounge (DVD, cable, wireless internet)

Room Assignment

Student room assignments will be completed and mailed by July 15. Students wishing to know their room assignments may also click here to view that information online. We make every effort to match roommates based on the information contained in the room assignment survey section of the application. However, we can not guarantee that every roommate situation is perfect. We encourage students to work together to establish mutually accepted guidelines and to develop good communication so that bumps in the road don’t develop into problems. If roommates do not get along, students should seek the help of a Resident Assistant or Resident Manager to guide them toward resolution.

Application and Availability

Applications for housing are accepted at any time. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee, and $75 refundable deposit required. Housing spots are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. The only way to guarantee a spot is to get an application (Single Student Application / Family Housing Application) in early. For students in Single Student Housing, the housing and residence life office will notify them if they have reserved a room or been placed on the waiting list upon receiving the application and deposit. For students in Family Student Housing, we will contact them as there is availability. If a student is accepted into Family Student Housing, we will require the deposit to secure the reservation. As students cancel their reservations, calls will be placed to the next names on the waiting list offering them a spot in on-campus housing. Students in Single Student Housing who do not get into on-campus housing will receive a refund on their deposit.