Resident Life Handbook

Welcome to Resident Life

Welcome to Housing and Resident Life at Dixie State University! Significant opportunities and experiences await you as you pursue your educational goals at Dixie State, many of which will occur in the setting where you live. My staff and I are excited to have you staying with us and hope to become a meaningful part of your college experience. Our goal is to serve our residents, and in doing so, we strive to create a safe, clean, fun, and educational environment conducive to higher learning and student development. Our Resident Life program is structured to promote safety, resident interaction, community building, and student success. We invite you to take advantage of our services, amenities, and programs to ensure an enjoyable experience.

In addition to our efforts to enahnce your collegiate experience, there is much you can do as well. I am confident that the following recommendations, if followed, will contribute to the quality and level of success you achieve as a college student:

  • Practice Healthy Living -- Getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, and exercising regularly will vastly improve your ability to meet the rigorous academic demands inherent to higher education.
  • Maintain An Academic Focus -- Attend your classes, get to know your professors, and aim high with your academic goals. Support is abundant at Dixie State to help students succeed in the classroom.
  • Get Involved -- Scholarly research reveals that students who become "involved" in campus life are happier, acquire higher grade point averages, and are more satisfied with their college experience.
  • Become Acquainted With Your Community -- Get to know those around you. As you go out of your way to meet other residents living in on-campus housing, your experience will be much more rewarding as you make meaningful connections with those living in your community.

We are excited for the "college adventure" that awaits you! Again, we are here to serve our residents. If you identify an area we can improve on, please talk to one of our staff members or stop by the Housing Office. We always appreciate feedback from residents who want to improve the quality of their communities. Let's have a great year in Housing and Resident Life!

Go Red Storm!

Seth Gubler, Director of Housing and Resident Life