The Student Success Initiative

The Student Success Initiative is a program that is comprised of several initiatives designed to enhance student success and retention. Components include:

  1. Core Objectives designed to integrate a living and learning experience
  2. Developing positive communities among students
  3. A Survival Guide outlinging accessible academic support and information to on-campus students
  4. Devoting staff resources to developing strong relationships between students and staff
  5. Implementing an academic intervention initiative as early as mid-term fall semester.

Goals of the Student Success
Initiative Sessions

  • To facilitate meaningful interactions between RAs and students
  • To serve as an early intervention with students experiencing difficulties
  • To assist each student in becoming involved in campus life

SSI Discussions

Each student and Resident Assistant will meet twice each semester and will have a structured conversation focused on student success using a Discussion Guide. The SSI Discussion Guide has been adapted from time-tested programs at colleges and universities from across the country. The seesions, questions, and Core Objectives have been developed with the Dixie State student in mind. Each of the four sessions is applicable to a broad range of situations that many students face at different stages in their academic careers. The questions are designed to be a catalyst for a deeper conversation about each student’s individual academic experience. With the goal setting and action planning section, the student and RA can work together toward making this a personalized experience for each student. In each subsequent section, previous goals are revisited and refined after a self-inventory is taken.

Your RA will work with you to resolve any problems you may be facing. They are your allies and will help refer you to the appropriate campus resources that can help with your needs.