Work Study Program

Dixie State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer.

  • Work-study funds are part of a student’s financial aid package and cannot be awarded unless you have submitted a FAFSA and have documented need. You can complete the FAFSA on line at
  • Work-study funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Because of limited funds, you should apply for financial aid early if you wish to participate in the work-study program.
  • A work-study award generally allows you to work 15-20 hours a week. The starting salary is generally $7.50 per hour.
  • Work-study occurs during the Fall and Spring Semesters only; there are no positions available during Summer.

The Federal Work-Study Program is authorized and funded by the Federal Government. The Utah Higher Education Student Success Stipend Program is authorized and funded by the Utah State Legislature. Only the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office may award DSU Work-study funds. Eligible students will receive their work-study award as part of their “total” financial aid award.

If work-study isn’t part of your financial aid award and you are interested in working on campus, please contact the DSU Financial Aid Work-study Advisor, Dexter Humphreys at (435) 652-7580 or If you did not receive a work study offer, and you qualify, you may apply for any work-study positions still available beginning September 14, 2015. If you receive a work-study job offer, the DSU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will then award you work-study funds.


  1. Accept your work-study award and complete the Work Study Application for Employment no sooner than August of the current school year. Be sure to complete each item; especially a current phone number where you can be reached. Once you submit the application, it will be forwarded to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.
  2. VIEW and SELECT the work-study positions you are interested in applying for by completing the position listings on All available positions will be posted by July 15th of the current school year.
  3. Once we receive your “Work Study Application”, your selection for positions, and you have a work study award, we will forward your application material to the department(s) you have selected for their consideration. You will be contacted by the department’s work-study supervisor to set up an interview appointment.
  4. A work-study award is not a guaranteed job. The responsibility of locating and obtaining a job is up to you.
  5. For additional information regarding Work-Study (funding, notification of work awards, necessary information to complete before first day of work; pay periods, etc.), please review The Work-study Employment Handbook.