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The Trailblazers CDT is a dance club at Dixie State University and is for students that are at least 18 years or older. This dance team is committed and dedicated to help the spirit of Dixie State University and its students grow. Dancers perform throughout the year at school and community events. The purpose of this team is to give dancers the opportunity to perform and to attend UDA Championships.

The most important trait in a strong, happy team is commitment. Commitment to the team--putting team first--and commitment to each individual on the team in helping him or her become everything he or she can... With commitment comes the desire to help team members reach their potential. A winning attitude is “I’ll forgo my own immediate gratification to help a team member succeed, because I know the personal joy that I experience when I help another team member.”

Each team member should possess dedication and commitment to the team. The team simply cannot function well if there is even one member who is not completely committed. A “team first” approach is implemented and expected from our dancers. Every team practice, rehearsal, and event should be a priority.