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DCF Values


DCF Values

Economic Growth

The Dixie Commercialization Fund is designed to spur economic growth, increase job opportunities, and create high-paying wages for Washington County. The fund is available to all DSU students, faculty, staff, and community members of Washington County.


It is through strong relationships that meaningful and real economic growth occurs. The Dixie Commercialization Fund works in cooperation with Dixie State University, DSU's Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, St. George Economic Development, the St. George Small Business Development Center, the St. George Chamber of Commerce, Washington County governments, and others, along with its investors and entrepreneurs.


The Dixie Commercialization Fund provides mentorship opportunities between successful business professionals and its participants. The DCF offers commercialization modules that teach different aspects of launching a business and offers guidance for each step of the commercialization process.


The Dixie Commercialization Fund provides real investment dollars to entrepreneurs with solid ideas who successfully complete the DCF courses. The fund is constantly seeking new investors to take part in the fund and the economic development of Washington County.


The Dixie Commercialization Fund offers the support, guidance, investment, experience, and environment for burgeoning entrepreneurs to thrive and find success.


The Dixie Commercialization Fund is dedicated to discovering, supporting, and enhancing innovation within all industries.


The Dixie Commercialization Fund chose Dixie State University and Washington County due to their explosive growth, primed economic environment, and dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship.