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Event Production

Event Production

Core Objective

Event Production provides audio and visual support to events and activities to increase artistic and educational excellence within the campus community. A vast array of professional services are offered, including production, design, installation, A/V media, entertainment technology, staffing, and event management. Schedule your event through Central Scheduling , then call us for your event planning and production.


Eccles Main Stage

Eccles Concert Hall

Cox Performing Arts Center

Burns Arena

Trailblazer Stadium

OC Tanner Ampitheater

let hoverInfo = {
"ecclesMainCont": ["Max Seating: 500", "Eccles Main Stage", ""],
"ecclesConcertCont": ["Max Seating: 325", "Eccles Concert Hall", ""],
"coxCont": ["Max Seating: 1,189", "Cox Performing Arts Center", ""],
"burnsCont": ["Max Seating: 4,361", "Burns Arena", ""],
"legendCont": ["Max Seating: 5,000", "Trailblazer Stadium", ""],
"ocTannerCont": ["Max Seating: 1,600", "OC Tanner Amphitheater", ""]