Review Process

Proposal Due Date: The 7th of Each Month

Four Steps to Determine if Your Research Requires IRB Review

Step 1  Determine if your activity is Research

If your activity is not research it does not fall under the purview of the IRB. You DO NOT need to submit an application. If you have questions about this please contact the IRB office: 435-652-7598.

Step 2  Determine if your activity involves Human Subjects

If your activity is research but does not involve human subjects as defined by the regulations your activity is not subject to the purview of the IRB. You DO NOT need to submit an application. If you have questions about this please contact the IRB office: 435-652-7598.

Step 3  Is your human subjects research “Exempt” from full IRB review?

If your research involves human subjects AND meets the precise requirements for one or more of the categories that would allow the project to be Exempt from full review you must still submit your project. In this case, you submit the Exempt paperwork. Exempt means your project does not require a full review–not that your project is exempt from submission to the IRB.

Step 4  Complete the following forms and submit them with your proposal to the DSU IRB office.

  • Determine if your project needs 1) Exempt Review or 2) Expedited Full Review paperwork

  • Consent Form if needed

  • Additional / Supplemtal documents as needed

Send ALL of your completed forms and supporting documents via email to Dr. Song Gao:

IRB Contact details:
Dixie State Univerisity IRB
Chair – Dr. R.C. Morris, PhD
20 North 600 East, St. George, UT 84770 or

Full IRB Review Procedure and Time Frame

If your project needs a full IRB review, it is a good idea to include the following forms with your proposal to the DSU IRB office

  • Survey/Interview/Observation Request Form

  • Survey or interview questions

A. Review Procedure

  1. Department Level: All research should be reviewed and approved by the department or the advisor.

  2. IRB Level: Once the IRB has your information the type of review you have specified will be considred, and if appropriate, will be followed. If the IRB determines that a greater level of review is needed you will be notified of this decision.

  3. Following Review: Either the researcher(s) or the PI(s) will need to respond to any questions and/or suggestions made by the IRB committee. The committee will then determine wether to approve, conditionally approve, deny, or terminate the research.


  1. Though many studies are qualified for exemption, DSU IRB retains the right to sanction any research that may pose more than minimal risks to human subjects, deteriorate DSU’s image or reputation, lack its merits, and involve sensitive topics and/or minors.

  2. Officials of the institution can apparove or disapprove a research which has already been approved by the IRB. However, those officials CANNOT approve a reseach which has not been approved by the IRB (see 45CFR46.112).

  3. These policies apply to all projects involving Faculty, Staff, and Students affiliated with Dixie State University.

B. Review Time Frame

You are Welcome to Submit your IRB forms at any time.  However, please keep in mind that the following due dates apply:

Proposals are due: By the 7th of each month.

If your project is exempt, expect 2-3 weeks for review feedback. If the research is non-exempt, it takes up to 4 weeks or more for review, 2 weeks for review preparation + 1 week for Q & A and then an IRB committee review.

The IRB only conducts full committee reviews during the regular academic year. The last date to have a project reviewed under a full committee review is April 7. Full committee reviews resume on August 7.

Any of the following can seriously delay the reviewing process:

  • a draft research proposal without proper editing (e.g., full of grammar errors, typos, incomplete sentences)

  • submission without advisor’s approval

  • missing required forms and supporting documents

  • unfinished forms

  • slowness in responding to IRO’s or IRB’s questions

  • bad hand writings

  • last minute submission

Reseach applicants, especially student researchers, are fully responsible for their proof-read proposals to the IRB Committee.


  1. All forms are in Word format. They can be downloaded and typed. If you must write, please print clearly and nicely so we can read.

  2. Please try not to submit your project at the very last minute at the end of term. Last minute submissions actually cause significant delay in review due to sudden workload increase at the IR office.

C. IRB Process Video