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Mission & Objectives


The Policy Stearing Commitee (PSC) receives input and policies from relevant stakeholders and subject experts, objectively reviews and develops policies, assures an efficient and transparent process, provides
technical support, edits, and fosters collaboration by engaging key stakeholders and provides
access to all levels and parts of the university community.


  1. Provide a comprehensive, timely, consistent, and relevant set of policies that cover key aspects
    of university life to protect and support students, staff, faculty, and university resources. Policies
    are designed to bring the University into compliance with state and federal law and best practices in higher education.
  2. Provide support to the policy development process, assisting owners and stewards with draft
    development and review in such a way that the process remains transparent. The PSC
    catalogs, archives, and maps university policy.
  3. The PSC provides editorial support to owners and stewards to provide consistency,
    objectivity, compliance, and reliability to university policy. Trains owners and stewards in the
    policy process to help them understand it so that they perform their role to the fullest.
  4. The PSC Provides technical support to the policy process by managing the Policy
    Library web page and SharePoint site.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency