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Student Fees

Dixie State University Student Fees

What do your fees pay for?

Your fees make a lot of the experiences you see on campus a possibility. They support the building of new facilities, athletic gear, MISA, and much more.

You also get access to a ton of great perks:

  • Access to free athletic games
  • Intramural sports
  • Free access to the fitness center
  • Discounted equipment rentals
  • Discounted access to to fine arts events
  • Campus events
  • Service opportunities
  • Clubs and club funding
  • Academic project funding
  • Free mental health services
  • Discounted medical services
  • And so much more!

2020-2021 Proposal

Submitted by the Student Fee Allocation Committee

Chaired by Taylor Godfrey, 2019-2020 DSUSA Student Body President

SFAC Voting Members:

  • Taylor Godfrey
  • Kaylyn Fulton
  • Ava Chollet
  • Guillem Parra
  • Maire McDonough
  • Penny Mills
  • Deven Osborne (Student-At-Large)
  • Devon Rice (Student-At-Large)
  • Lydia Berry (Student-At-Large)

The Student Fees Allocation Committee (SFAC) proposes a 2.94% student fee increase for the 2019-2020 academic school year. The increase of $12.00 includes four fee increases.


2020-2021 Recommendation

Fee NameAmountRequested IncreaseProposed IncreaseNew Fee Amount
Human Performance Center Fund$126.75$126.75
IT Support$5.00$5.00
Student Center Operations$26.50$5.00$2.50$29.00
Department of Student Involvement$20.00$20.00
Health and Wellness Center$20.50$20.50
Testing Center$7.00$0.00-$5.00$7.00
New Student Center Fund$5.00$5.00
Tutoring Center$4.50$4.50
One Time Expense Fund$6.00$6.00
Radio and Broadcast Advertising$2.00$2.00
Fine Arts$3.00$4.00$3.00$6.00
Writing Center$6.25$6.25
Dixie Sun News$0.75$0.50$0.75
Student Inclusion$6.00$6.00
Institute of Politics and Public Affairs$1.50$0.75$0.75$2.25
Totals: $408.00$17.25-$22.25$12.00$420.00

Details of Proposed Changes

Fee Increases

Recreation/Intramurals/Fitness (+$5.75)
  • Findings
    • Due to the HPC, there is an opportunity for major growth. Although, no additional funding has been provided to match the capacity demand.
    • Historically, Campus Rec has hosted 40 annual Intramural Programs/Activities, 16 Outdoor Adventures, 25 Group Fitness classes per week, and funded 5 currently active club sports.
    • With a capacity increase and increase in funding they are projected to grow their programs.


  • Benefit to Students
    • Campus Recreation has diligently worked to provide a wide range of recreational activities for all students to participate in.
    • Activities available to all students and range from intramural sports, outdoor adventure, aquatics, fitness, to club sport activities.
    • ‘Active learning.Active life.’ is our motto. Recreation/Intramurals/Fitness not only brings forth that mission of the University but also provides an opportunity to all students to actively be involved in campus life.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Increase Recreation/Intramurals/Fitness Fee $5.75
    • Recommendations
      • Provide more marketing efforts to let students know of ORAC and it’s resources.
Student Center Operations (+$2.50)
  • Findings
    • Demonstrated clearly how student fees were already being used.
    • This fee increase will go towards building upkeep as well as creating a manager position and hiring an individual with a long term commitment to the position.


  • Benefit to Students
    • The Gardner Center is the students’ building.
    • The operations team maintains the facility and provides a space for the use of all students.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Increase Student Center Operations Fee $2.50
Testing Center (No Change)
  • Findings
    • The current fee amount is sufficient to maintain status-quo staffing and service levels.
    • There are three Testing Services operations: student testing (funded using student fees and work-study funds), professional testing (revenue funded), and prometric testing (revenue funded).


  • Benefit to Students
    • The Student Testing center fee has benefitted all students because nearly all students utilize the Student Testing Center facilities each year.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Keep Testing Center Fee the same
    • Recommendations:
      • Look for more opportunities to offer professional testing.
      • Come present to the Student Fee Allocation Committee next year about needing an increase or use of the One Time Fund for computer updates.
Fine Arts (+$3.00)
  • Findings
    • $3.00 would go to the Music Department for support in building out a marching band.


  • Benefit to Students
    • This fee has made theatrical and dance performances and art exhibits possible in order to elevate the student life on campus.
    • These performances are open to all DSU students for no admission fee.
    • The growth and quality of our theatre, dance, and art programs enhances the overall perception of Dixie State as a university.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Increase Fine Arts Fee $3.00
    • Recommendations:
      • SFAC supports the proposal of increasing the Fine Arts fee to support the building out of the marching band.
      • Continue searching for outside funding for the marching band.
      • Transition stipends into scholarships for those participating in the band.
      • Plan initiatives to recruit during the UHSSA Band competition on campus.
Dixie Sun News (No Change)
  • Findings
    • The DSN provided a readership survey emailed to 500 random students and only 27 responded.
    • In the readership survey, 19/27 students responded that they rarely or never consumed content from the Dixie Sun News.
    • In the readership survey 25/27 students responded that they do not follow the Dixie Sun News on social media.


  • Benefit to Students
    • It promotes student success by providing opportunities to prepare for jobs and internships.
    • It serves campus wide news free of charge.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Keep Dixie Sun News Fee the same
    • Recommendations:
      • Provide a readership survey that is statistically significant to next year’s SFAC.
      • Based on the findings of this year’s readership survey, SFAC is encouraging DSN to build a stronger digital news influence with a focus on social media.
      • In order to cut expenses, SFAC recommends producing a bi-weekly or monthly issue of the newspaper instead of weekly.
Institute of Politics and Public Affairs (+$0.75)
  • Findings
    • Over the past year, the IOP has doubled the number of student events it has offered, increasing attendance at these events by over 50%. It has also doubled the number of students it has placed in public service internships, all without increasing its total budget or spending.
    • The Institute of Politics will be moving out of DSUSA and into the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS). This move will remove the administrative and marketing support the IOP has received in previous years.
    • The IOP provides $1,500 per semester housing scholarship to interns that have been placed in local, state and federal public service internships.


  • Benefit to Students
    • The Institute of Politics has benefitted all students by giving the Dixie State student voice a “seat at the table” at the Utah and United States Capitols.
    • The IOP has raised the value of a DSU degree by raising the public profile of the University and making DSU a respected regional hub for political and public service activities.
    • The IOP hosts various events to provide opportunities for all students to become more civically engaged.
    • Places DSU students in local, state and federal public service internships.


  • SFAC Proposal
    • Increase Institute of Politics and Public Affairs fee $0.75